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Partnering for Success

We partner with multiple organisations to better serve our client’s  goals because we understand that no single organisation can provide all the resources and expertise necessary to meet the complex needs of life science companies. By forming partnerships with other organisations, we can tap into a wider range of skills, technologies and resources, enabling us to provide more comprehensive and effective solutions to our clients.

Pharma IT was founded in Denmark in 2016, with a focus on quality and IT for the pharma industry. Since then, they’ve continued to expand their service offerings and now serve over 100 customers across the pharma, biotech, and medical device industries. Built upon their core of industry-specialized IT expertise, they  are a one-stop consultancy shop providing services and expert tailored assistance across the entire product life cycle.

DSI provides regulatory, technical, and project management consulting services to healthcare product companies that manufacture and/or market pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and cellular and gene therapy products.

Since 2007 they have provided their clients with innovative strategies and exceptional quality work products intended to enhance product development, approval, and marketing presence.

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Zwiers Regulatory Consultancy is a ProductLifeGroup Company

ProductLife Group’s mission is to improve human health by delivering regulatory & compliance services for the safe and effective use of medical solutions. PLG supports clients through the entire product life cycle, combining local expertise with global reach spanning more than 150 countries.

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