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Just published: Getting ready for the EMA Policy 0070 – Clinical Data Publication – Relaunch

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  • Navigating types of clinical study reports for optimal reporting of trial results Read more
  • Clinical development times for anti-cancer drugs shortened via accelerated regulatory pathways Read more
  • Clinical Trials Information System for clinical trial applications in Europe Read more
  • Promotional and informational Materials for Prescription Medication within the EU Read more
  • Upcoming changes to the CEP procedure and documentation Read more
  • Oligonucleotide therapy: Regulatory & Development challenges Read more
  • Analysis of approval times of anticancer drugs between 2010-2017 Read more
  • Geriatric Regulation: can we do without? Read more
  • Old medicines, new indications Read more
  • Orphan drug designation in the EU and the US – a critical review Read more
  • A detailed analysis of expedited regulatory review time of MA applications for new anti-cancer drug in the US and EU Read more
  • Post-Authorisation Studies Read more
  • Preclinical requirements for anticancer Drugs in the EU Read more
  • A Decade of Marketing Authorization Applications of Anticancer Drugs in the European Union Read more
  • ATMP challenges in the EU – lessons for future applications Read more
  • Drug Registration in Emerging Countries Read more
  • Implementation of Quality by Design Principles in Regulatory Dossiers of Medicinal Products in the European Union (EU) Between 2014 and 2019 Read more
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