Looking for talented regulatory staff?

Zwiers Regulatory Consultancy offers the solution.
We have well-trained and talented people to fulfill key positions in your company.

Regulatory strategy Defining and executing the right regulatory strategy, requires a communicative Regulatory Liaison/Officer with scientific background and knowledge on regulation.
Our talent has it all.
Regulatory coordination Timely submissions? Smooth regulatory procedures? A results-driven, communicative and flexible Regulatory Coordinator can do the job.
Our talent is just that.
Pharmacovigilance Reporting, interpreting and monitoring adverse events? A Pharmacovigilance Manager applies medical knowledge in an analytical and consistent way.
Our talent has the skills.
Labelling SPC, CCDS, PIL? An efficient Labelling Officer with writing and organisational skills will deliver compliant texts in time.
Our talent is highly qualified to do the job.
Medical information Provision of balanced, evaluated information and advice on medicinal products asks for a service-oriented Information Officer with excellent listening and questioning skills.
Our talent can do the job.
Clinical trial disclosure To keep up with increasing demands on trial registry, an accurate and well-organised Registry Officer is pivotal to your pharmaceutical development.
Our talent is suited to do the job.

At Zwiers Regulatory experience meets talent.
Our experienced staff shares knowledge and expertise with talented trainees who are eager to learn.

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